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Welfare & employability

Getting Britain back to work: reigniting self confidence in job seekers

Analysing data

Data and analytics

When data can mean life or death: Policing in a high-risk world

Data and analytics

The three approaches to data that could transform policing in 2021


How can businesses land on the right side of history in this exponential age?

Welfare & employability

Why social value and legacy matter for us all


Debunking the automation myth

Artificial intelligence

The Great Opportunity? Podcast episode 5: Data and AI

People and culture

Why we’re choosing to challenge

Artificial intelligence

Personalising people’s collections experience using AI

Insurance and pensions

Empowering the insurance workforce of the future though by adopting an innovation posture

People and culture

The human touch - why we chose bereavement training for our call centre staff

Customer experience

Software can have a positive impact on society. Here’s how to make it happen.