Customer experience transformation

We apply our deep heritage in customer experience and multi-industry expertise with our drive for innovation so your customers feel great about every touchpoint with you.

Ensuring every customer interaction is one they remember for the right reasons

With so many similarities between service providers today, how people feel about being your customer is what differentiates you from the competition. You may know from your NPS scores that you could be doing better, or have a hunch you’re not ‘known’ for excellent customer service. Whatever your starting point, our expertise and innovation will help you transform those experiences.

Offering end-to-end experience management, from making processes more efficient through automation and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), to upskilling people and providing our expert, empathetic agents as extra resource, we ensure your customer interactions exceed expectations and support your business goals – however complex - whilst controlling operational costs.

Working collaboratively with you, we firstly apply our unique blend of extensive customer experience and multi-industry expertise to understand how services can be enhanced whilst meeting your specific aims and challenges. We then design and implement intuitive, empathetic customer journeys, underpinned by real time, data-driven insights and access to the very latest technology, with built-in agility so you can adapt to fluctuations in demand.

Above all, we understand your customers are people, which is why we focus on ensuring human-centred services which transform customer experience and how they feel about you as a brand.


Personalised customer experience score for our client, Southern Water


Reduction in complaints for Southern Water since 2015

50 points

How much we increased the overall NPS score for one of our life and pensions clients

6 weeks

How quickly we stood up a 100% remote contact centre in 2020, with 1,200 agents

Upcoming Webinars:

The Race to Innovation in Customer Experience and the Workplace of the Future Webinar Series

Episode 2: The Journey to Reposition Live Assistance

Live on Jul 20 2021, 9:00 AM

Lockdown has caused significant changes in customer behaviour. While voice remained important, especially for vulnerable customers, other ways of engaging customer service grew rapidly. So too did self-service. As a result, we are now seeing a significant shift in how the human touch is being used in contact centres. How will this affect the skills of person we will need to employ? When should we be using live assistance? Join the webinar 'The Journey to reposition live assistance' with special guest and emotive CX Guru/mentor Martin Hill-Wilson from Brainfood Consulting.

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The Journey to Reposition Live Assistance

Episode 3: Future-Proofing the Customer Service Workplace

Live online Jul 29 9:00 am

Thriving in the ‘new normal’ is all about offering clients and employees flexibility. For customer service workplaces, this involves shifting to a virtual workplace while ensuring colleagues and BAU operations are not disrupted. Behind the scenes, this means re-platforming company IT systems to facilitate remote working and adopting hybrid operating models that allow you to create a more agile agent-to-customer environment. Join the webinar 'Future-Proofing the Customer Service Workplace', with special guest Paul Norton, Chief Technology Officer, OSB Group.

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Proofing the Customer Service Workplace


Episode 1: Streamlining CX: Rethinking Front-Office Customer Interactions

May 18, 9:00am

Life and Pensions and Insurance CX leaders share their insights on how to improve digital services, boost customer NPS scores and reduce costs by harnessing the latest innovations in customer experience. Join speakers from Capita and Guest speaker, Paolo Cuomo, Director of Operations, Brit Insurance for webinar, 'Streamlining CX: Rethinking Front-Office Customer Interactions.

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Streamlining CX: Rethinking Front-Office Customer Interactions

How we transform customer experience


Consulting to understand your business aims

We start with a consultative diagnostic, looking at your processes, people and technology, and collaborating with you to understand your business needs, opportunities and priority goals, whether to reduce cost-to-serve, increase productivity and growth or to improve customer retention and your NPS score.

Our qualified customer experience experts and Lean Six Sigma practitioners then highlight areas of improvement, providing future-focused, industry-specific proposals. These are mapped to critical ‘life moments’ for personalised, more meaningful customer experiences, with a focus on human-centred design, leadership culture change and team training to ensure long-term and sustainable change.


Designing customer journeys which support your goals

We design and create strategic end-to-end journey transformation across all channels, applying our range of services and experience to build, test, deploy, measure and continuously improve operating models through tailored solutions.

We introduce technologies such as Conversational AI, real-time speech and automation to improve services and efficiency. We transform digital touchpoints such as mobile apps and customer-facing websites, optimising online content and providing software to maximise sales, data capture and engagement, for example connecting with customers when a form or purchase isn’t completed. We also offer cyber security expertise to manage data, preventing theft and regulatory fines.


Delivering transformed experiences with talent and innovation

We combine our team of talented and dedicated people with expertise in the latest technologies - including collaboration with our innovative strategic partners - to ensure our solutions are intuitive for people to use and agile enough to adapt to the changing needs of the business.

We then implement those digital customer experiences and operational enhancements, using data and insight extensively to ensure better outcomes. We anticipate and plan for future change, delivering an agile and flexible workforce tailored to specific operational needs, whether we’re training your people to provide a better service or delivering this via our expert agents through an outsourced model.

Helping Southern Water make customers’ lives easier with simpler, personalised experiences

We’re working in partnership with Southern Water to transform and simplify their customer experience, so their customers are happier and more able to self-serve online.

To understand where customer service could improve, we worked with call centre advisors to explore customer journeys, mapping customer pain points and using data to understand areas of improvement. This data and insight was used by Southern Water to help inform the case for their organisation-wide transformation programme and we’re now a key customer experience partner, working together to review and improve all aspects of the customer journey.

By working in partnership with Southern Water and putting the customer at the heart of every process, we’ve significantly improved customer experience. We’ve helped to make customer bills easier to understand by reducing them from 15 pages to three and, by using data to segment customers, we’ve been able to personalise experiences and identify and support those who may be financially vulnerable.

After finding less than 50% of customers were able to complete tasks online, we worked with Southern Water to redesign online journeys making it easier to pay a bill, submit a meter reading or close our account. We’ve seen complaints reduce by 68%, online transactions increase to 80-90% completion and a 247% increase in payments received through a digital collections campaign.

Real-time voice analytics to enhance conversations

Our assisted customer conversation technology analyses calls and gives feedback in real-time. This enables agents not just to be more responsive, but to provide better quality responses.

Not only does the technology provide direct in-call support, it also allows their team leaders to follow calls live, support and guide agents via chat, and even identify when to intervene in calls if necessary. Watch our video to learn more.

Why choose Capita to transform customer experience

Proven and trusted operational excellence

Our proven capability in delivering consultancy and transformational projects within time, cost and scope constraints means we’re a trusted long-term strategic partner for transforming contact centre and back office operations.

Over 40 years’ experience

Our considerable people skills are based on over 40 years’ experience in delivering solutions to all types of organisations – we have the right expertise for every contact centre requirement, whether on site, off-site or a hybrid combination.

No. 1 for customer management

As the largest provider of customer management in the UK and second in Germany, handling over 100 million multi-channel conversations each year, we understand the evolving needs of our clients across all industry sectors in both regulated and non-regulated environments.

Data-driven insight

We don’t just rely on our ability to manage and get the best out of people, we place a large emphasis on augmenting this with the intelligent use of data, insight and digital tools, including fully automated quality assurance, reporting and end to end digital content design.

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