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The proven link between organisation performance, customer satisfaction and employee engagement means there is a real need for organisations to understand the importance of engaging and motivating their people.
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This disconnect between organisation ambitions for engagement (creating the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential) and employee reflections on how engaged they feel at work, is a key challenge facing organisations who are seeking to improve staff productivity and competitiveness.

The reason for this disconnect is complex but commentators are increasingly concluding that organisations find it challenging to measure engagement and tie its impact to performance.

Greater attention, therefore, needs to be paid to both designing effective survey tools and analysing and interpreting the results in a way that supports insightful and innovative engagement strategies.

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Our solution

Capita boasts a wealth of experience in designing and delivering employee and wider customer engagement surveys. Whilst we understand the importance of being able to benchmark your results from our Employer of Choice database with other organisations, we will also help you avoid ‘off the shelf’ surveys and will work in partnership with you to design something which carefully reflects what really matters to your organisation and your people, crafting tools that ask pointed questions which go beyond measuring just satisfaction.

We will encourage you to think carefully about the mix of drivers that contribute to becoming an employer of choice: the quality of work, the extent to which employees feel valued as part of their experience at work and the extent to which they are an advocate of your organisation.

Critically we will ensure you understand what you are asking, why you are asking it and what it will tell you.

Adding insight

As well as producing easy to understand descriptive reports we will also work with you to explore some of your pressing engagement questions and ways in which your survey findings can help you create insight that allows you to take targeted action. 

It is also likely that the findings from your engagement survey will raise additional questions around which you may wish to design further research. Our wider portfolio of research across the whole employee lifecycle means that we can also help you explore additional research strands that are pertinent to fill your workforce knowledge gaps.


Why Capita?

Because we understand the fundamentals of employee engagement and its impact on your organisation – in all its guises – we are effectively placed to advise you and help you create an approach to employee and customer engagement that is founded in excellent research fundamentals and emerging best practice in analytics.

In so doing we can provide you with insight, not just data, which allows you to take action in an informed and targeted way.

Much of our experience over the last 29 years has developed through working with our many clients across different industries and sectors across the world. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the ongoing challenges faced with delivering an effective and efficient service, where the current financial climate presents a growing level of risk to organisation stability. Our team have a shared passion and commitment for employee engagement. We believe our insight into the key drivers and enablers of employee engagement means organisations are able to develop clear management actions which drives and facilitates collective and lasting improvement for the future.

We are continuously developing more innovative ways to listen and engage with people, and digital technology is creating a more dynamic and sophisticated platform to improve participation. Our online surveys are easy to navigate for participants, and access is available through any web-browser and multiple devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Our online reporting tool ‘Investigate’, has been developed in partnership with our clients and allows you to drill down into the data and allow a granular level of understanding.

We are ISO accredited for our survey and research services, for information security and for environmental management. We are an MRS Company Partner and have a Fair Data Accreditation. You can therefore be assured that your survey implementation will be based on best practice at every step from survey promotion, through survey implementation and reporting and data analysis.


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